Early American Postcard Collectors Club, Glendale, AZ. $5,000.00                
        The Martha Goldstein Foundation, Coral Springs, FL. $2,500.00                                        
                                            Mr. D. Hufford, St. Louis, MO. $500.00    
  Dr. S. Field, Chicago, IL. $100.00                                              
                                Mr. & Mrs. B. Ibach, Coquille, OR. $100.00                
        Mr. & Mrs. B. Broutman, Hoffman Estates, IL. $50.00                                        

The Chicago Postcard Museum wishes to thank financial contributors with a leaf on the Support Circle Tree of Honor. Mouse over a leaf to reveal the names of Contributors donating $50.00 USD or more. The list below recognizes all financial donations. Your donation will go a long way in helping to build and maintain the Chicago Postcard Museum and its historical collection. Thank you once again.

B. Joyce, Madison, WI. $15.00
Dr. & Mrs. Thompson, Fairview Heights, IL. $20.00
Anonymous Donator, Oakland, CA. $25.00
Eric Slaughter. Naperville, IL. $10.00
Marie Carnes and Family, Springfield, IL. $20.00
Anonymous Donator, Chicago, IL. $10.00